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Comprehensive Maintenance Solutions for Optimal System Performance

We can provide both Planned Preventative and Condition Based Maintenance services to help ensure your Building Energy Management System operates efficiently and controls the environment in your buildings, maintaining the comfort of the occupants and ensuring energy is not wasted.

Our experienced engineers follow clear, defined service schedules providing system maintenance to the same standard for all our customers.

Remote Connectivity and Condition-Based Maintenance Solutions

All our system solutions have remote connectivity options, which means we are able to investigate and often rectify problems without the need to send an engineer. Remote support has huge advantages as it reduces costs and improves both the buildings’ operational performance and the comfort of the people in the buildings.

Our approach to condition-based maintenance ensures that the operation of the controls and mechanical plant is continually checked by the system. The output reports can then be used to resolve issues with the building outside of the scheduled maintenance visits. It will also allows for time on site to spent more effectively resolving known issues.

A Building Energy Management System is an extremely important part of the building services infrastructure as it controls all of the plant and provides the comfort and energy controls, as well as integrating all the latest IOT technology. However, we often see the BEMS handed over with limited supporting documentation after a project and the systems are left running with no real understanding of the building occupancy or operational requirements post-handover. With 65-85% of a typical building’s energy consumption managed via the BEMS, it is vital to ensure that it is regularly maintained for best its optimum performance.

We offer a range of support packages to ensure our customers are able to drive value from the systems they have purchased and make use of all the operational, energy saving and financial benefits that come with BEMS and intelligent buildings.

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BEMS Support and Maintenance Services

  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Remedial works
  • Reactive Callout Service
  • 24hr Remote Technical Support and alarm monitoring
  • SFG20 Compliance
  • Critical spares and stock management
  • Seasonal Commissioning Processes
  • Air Quality Ventilation Control Modifications
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Working with our service team our customers benefit from:

  • Improved maintenance of the Building Energy Management System
  • Remote Condition Based Maintenance options
  • Remote support with same day investigation for system or occupancy condition issues
  • Improved first time rectification of problems due to remote identification
  • Engineers assigned to customers to help build knowledge for faster problem resolution
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We have extensive experience working in the following sectors: