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Refrigeration Monitoring

Wireless Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring

We supply real time automated wireless temperature monitoring system, with alarm management, for Food Service, Retail, Production, Medical and Storage of temperature sensitive goods.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in designing, installing, calibrating, and remotely supporting temperature monitoring systems. Our range of wireless monitoring systems are extensively used across several different sectors including food and retail, distribution, warehousing, hospitals and pharmaceuticals.

If it’s a requirement of your business we can provide a fully validated ISO17025:2017 accredited installation, calibration and mapping services.

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Monitoring Systems

Our wireless temperature and alarm monitoring systems meet the highest standards to assist in our customers’ compliance with HACCP, BRC, FDA and MHRA requirements.

Our range of wireless sensors can reliably and accurately monitor your assets across a broad range of market sectors.

Features include:

  • Simple installation and expansion
  • Long range battery powered sensors (5+ years)
  • Precision UKAS traceable sensors
  • Extensive range of sensors (temperature, humidity, faults, pressure and gas)
  • Configurable audio/visual/email alerts and alarms
  • Battery backup options for sensors and base station
  • Multi-level alarming around sensors
  • PDF report generation
  • Roaming temperature monitoring (for transportation)

Quick, simple, dynamic way to access live

Our intuitive browser-based user interface gives users a quick, simple, dynamic way to access live, and historical data from any asset that is being monitored. The systems are fully scalable, so whether you are managing a single or multi-sites operation, you are able to quickly access the information to make the correct decisions for your business.

Features include:

  • Secure permission-based user access
  • Realtime Asset availability displayable by geographical region or trading group
  • Report generation tools
  • Electronic signatures
  • No software installation
  • Multi-user access from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Realtime Asset availability displayable by geographical region or trading group


We can provide temperature and humidity calibration services for the medical, warehousing, production and food retailers sectors both onsite and at our laboratory.

Our laboratory and onsite calibration procedures are accredited to the highest industry standards (ISO17025:2015) for both temperature and humidity.

Temperature Mapping

We offer a tailored solution for a wide range of production and storage facilities covering the whole of the UK. We use our own wireless sensors, so all areas, of any size, can be mapped simply, cost effectively and in real-time.

Once the mapping has been completed, we analyse the collected data, develop reports, prepare protocols and undertake ongoing routine temperature mapping.