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Energy Optimisation

Energy Metering and Management Solutions

The ability to have accurate energy metering data to be able to analyse the consumption of a building, HVAC plant and lighting system is imperative. For the simple reason that if you cannot measure or understand the current benchmark, you will not be able to monitor it and make a business case for future investment towards energy saving initiatives.

We will help you define your requirements and business objectives and are then able to design, supply, install and commission the energy monitoring systems for electrical, gas, water and heat utilities. We use industry standard meters from approved manufacturers and collect the data for review and analysis. Our team are able to help you identify areas of energy wastage and where further investigation is required to understand excess consumption.

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We provide the following energy metering services:

  • Meter monitoring and analytics software
  • Main electrical, gas and water metering
  • Building sub metering services
  • Automated monitoring and targeting solutions

Our Customers Benefit From:

  • Energy surveys with detailed reports identifying areas where savings can be achieved
  • Typical savings ranging from 6 – 18%
  • Energy metering portal with clear profiling, navigation and easy to use analytical tools.
  • Building services control which matches the buildings’ operation and occupancy demands
  • A targeted return on investment within 3 years
  • Reduced energy consumption
Energy Optimisation

Harnessing Energy Metering Data

Energy metering data is an important tool in the drive for energy reduction, as it enables the comparison of building energy profiles with the building occupancy and is a key element in being able to prove and validate that an energy financed workstream has achieved the savings predicted.

Ensuring your Building Energy Management System is configured and operating the building services correctly is one of the easiest things businesses can do to reduce energy consumption and their carbon footprint.

Comprehensive Building Management Solutions

We produce IQ Vision graphics for buildings and also provide options to host the software on our secure servers which removes the requirement for any on-premise server hardware. We are able to deliver solutions ranging in size from single buildings to estate wide enterprise solutions, with reporting dashboards of critical alarm and estate information on a single screen.

We design and configure Trend and Tridium hardware solutions, and provide integration with third party devices including BACnet, Modbus and KNX into a platform that is designed and built to manage buildings at an estate wide enterprise level.

Up to 75% of a building’s energy consumption will be controlled through the Building Energy Management System, so its important that the system is configured with the most energy efficient strategies to ensure the building achieves its optimal energy performance.

Efficient Energy Management in Three Stages: Survey, Analysis, and Optimisation

We approach energy management in three easy to understand, simple stages, the process is applicable to almost all buildings and follows the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standard, with the work being carried out by a Certified Energy Manager.

The first stage is to survey and analyse the building in order to understand the existing building and monitoring services which are in place. This will allow us to gain a full understanding of the building’s energy consumption and occupancy, as these are important elements for the operation of building services.

Survey, Analysis, and ROI Forecast for BEMS Enhancements

Following the initial survey, a report will be provided highlighting any issues associated with the BEMS and suggesting plant and control system efficiencies which can be implemented to achieve clear and measurable savings, with a forecast showing the return on investment (ROI) options.

If accurate energy metering is already installed in the building, we will use the metering data to profile the building and predict future consumption based on system modifications. Alternatively, we will provide a proposal for the metering which should be considered to enable energy monitoring to take place and accurate savings to be predicted.

Implementing Tailored Solutions for Optimal Savings

The second stage is all about implementing the energy saving suggestions from stage one, based on the return on investment and the customer’s financial and carbon targets.

The energy reduction solutions we offer range from simple reconfiguration of the existing BEMS to a more energy efficient control regime using all of the existing hardware and field devices, through to full BEMS upgrades with variable speed plant control, LED lighting and peak tariff load shedding.

The third stage is to monitor the performance against the new benchmark, to ensure the savings which have been achieved and implemented in stage two are maintained and any deviation or alteration from the energy consumption profile is highlighted and rectified.

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