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Expertise in BEMS Implementation, Maintenance, and Support for HVAC Systems in UK Buildings

Our team have many years of experience delivering projects, maintenance and supporting BEMS for heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems in buildings. Scaling from single sites up to large estate wide enterprise level solutions, for buildings located throughout the UK on large customer networks.

The integration demands for a BEMS to connect with SMART and IOT devices are rapidly expanding as the technology becomes embedded in manufacturers’ building services equipment. Our team are experienced in integrating these systems so they provide real operational and financial benefits to our customers.

We work closely with industry leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the right solution is supplied at the right time and at the right cost. We routinely measure and review our output, looking always for continual improvement.

We offer well thought out, integrated solutions for all our clients, which combined with our attention to detail and customer focused approach, ensures that long term business relationships are valued and nurtured.


The Right Solution. The Right Time. The Right Cost.

Building Energy Management Systems Projects

Design, management, installation and commissioning

Building Energy Management Systems Services

Support and maintenance


Surveys, energy solutions and BEMS optimisation


Reliable solutions for diverse industries


We Would Like to Introduce You to Our Management Team

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Darren Baker

Customer Services Manager

Andy Bridger profile picture

Andy Bridger

Operations Manager

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Derek Merry

Applications and Development Manager

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Tony Ramsey

Engineering Manager

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William Thirkettle

Service Manager

Systems & Affiliations

Novus Integration is an independent Building Energy Management Systems business